What to watch on Air Canada…

Here are a few final photos I took in Northern Italy:  Larry would have loved to have attended an opera at La Scala, but this photo has to do…  a final snack apples from near Trento,  and huge strawberries from southern region of Basilicata.   Phone booths — now empty — in the lobby of a high-class hotel in Stresa.


hateI watched this film and liked it.  It’s worth watching — less sentimental than most American films.

I also watched Brexit, which is a drama produced in the UK.  This is an excellent political thriller — all unfortunately true.  Actors portray Nigel Farage (remember him?), Dominic Cummings and all the luminaries — a lot of Tory hacks too — who figured out how to get 3 million previously unknown and undeclared voters to vote FOR Brexit. 

Monsters and Men is also worth watching.  A white NY city cop shoots a black man who is selling cigarettes on a street corner.  He’s selling them singly –one by one… this film shows how three black men respond to this horrifying event.  One man is a cop; one is a job-seeker; and one is an 18 yr old high school student.  The job-seeker had anonymously posted a video of the killing and the fall out is immediate.  The acting is excellent; the writing and story line are believable and thoughtful.  Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen… see a trailer here: https://youtu.be/tRP2yYJF_GI



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