Sights of Milano…

Larry– on one of the many trams that criss-cross the city.  The city is oddly flat, with no rivers or streams! In the distance you can see a bit of the snow covered Alps.  The city has few public parks and a plethora of ugly tall towers as it’s the “business” capital of Italy.  Here is Larry in front of a lovely tiled water tower near our hotel near the railway line to the airport.  And the ubiquitous Uber Eats bag in the hole in the wall Turkish kebab pesto nearby — it’s not a rat but a pigeon on the floor near the Uber Eats driver’s pack.

A beer bottle I saw in a local cafe. Plus the wonderful apartment tower covered with greenery near to our hotel.  Two pix of the Galleria across from the Duomo.  Plus a nice view of a private garden.

The Duomo and square downtown in Milano.  Duomo on the left and on the right is the wonderful dept store Rinascente — the food floor at the top has wonderful food, an outdoor patio which overlooks the Duomo and this nice bar with fixings for drinks– including a forest of celery.

My drinks of choice to write this blog in the hotel bar:  coffee and Campari and Soda.


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