From Milan to Lake Como…

Brilliant sun, a blue sky and almost good enough to swim outdoors, but not quite.  We took our bus tour thru the countryside to Lake Como. There we had a boat trip around this famous lake, and the George Clooney compound was pointed out. Of course it’s NOTHING compared to the estates of the Russian Oligarchs.  For more about them read John LeCarre’s  Our Kind of Traitor.

From Milano to Lago Como, then to Taranto Gardens, then to Lago Maggiore.  mapThe town of Como, is well it’s rather touristy. A nice church, white table-clothed bistros, and this wooden mastiff…como-dog. We travelled to the Taranto Gardens taranto-gdnmapand saw every kind of tree, plant, and flower. What a delight. Here are the ragged tulips…and a sea of daffodils:

Then on to Lago Maggiore lake-magg The peaks, are the Alps, we are not so far from Switzerland. We passed by a huge marble quarry on Lake Maggiore.marble-mtn.jpgThe town of Stresa is a high end tourist town, quite lovely as you’ll see, tiny town square. Endless tea towels, aprons and scarves for sale. Postcards — if you are lucky and receive one from me! giant-cattown-stresaThe dynamic blue cat keeps watch. Mosaic building and a love view from the bus. near-stresa-2

The tour company made an error and we are staying in the most posh wonderful hotel imaginable.  Gardens, views, two balconies off our room, and incredible art that’s original and gives me chills. Have a look:

Here we are in the horizontal elevator (really) that takes us from the main building from 1873, to the indoor pool — runs horizontally horiz-elevAnd scenes from this incredible hotel: indoor-poolPool we swam today! still0lifeI think this is from a Dutch master maybe.  This huge sailing ship is made of jade, seriously– More than an hint of Italian colonialism around here

jade-ship    statue

An odd bit of romance…. couple

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