In Milano…

First of all it’s spring and beautiful. Green everywhere and leaves on all the trees. Flowers are out. It’s amazing.  We are taking a bus tour of northern Italy. And you might like to see some sights I’ve seen.

Leaving Halifax, I made sure to give an intellectual booster to Diego the cat first. He’s watching a wildebeest being taken down by a lion.wildebeest

Now to Italia. We went to a brand new gallery across from the Duomo

It’s called the Museo del Novecento  and it’s a gallery dedicated to the 20th century. Here’s what I liked:

sybilSybil, a wonderful bonze seated sculpture. My favourite is this painting01-dettaglio-Quarto_Stato Here is a detail of it, above.  By Pellizza da Volpedo, il Quarto Stato.  I have a nice reproduction of  it on my wall at home, a gift from my son Omri. But the original  is divine. quartoMe in front of it.  Other art I liked includes this Picasso,  Rue Des Bois (1908) (on left).  Compare it to Canadian Emily Carr’s painting Cedar (1942)– not at the gallery.

And more from the Novecento Gallery:

Large circe Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, and the three smaller are (left to right) Bologna’s favourite artist Giorgio Morandi’s Natura Morta (1940); Ardengo Soffici’s 1915 Bottle and Glass and a bronze by Boccioni.

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