A Walk down Hollis Street, in the snow

snow1Walking along Hollis St., Halifax, here’s the iron fence in front of the soon to be demolished Commissionaires’ building.

snow-lt-govFancy wrought iron fence  at the rear of the Lieutenant Governor’s House, built in 1804.

Below:  The startling look of trees almost hiding the back of St Matthew’s church. The spire is lovely.



snow-hollisWalking north on Hollis, in front of the former Finnish consulate, now dark and for rent. The snow is dancing.  The next building  is  Keith Hall … after the Alexander Keith’s brewery… belowsnow-keith

A lovely detail of one window at Keith Hall, and the iron fence…

Thanks to my son Omri, who just pointed out that everything I photographed tonite was more than 100 years old…

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