Feel like spending $4,340.00 to play golf?

People say I’m against Halifax developers.  I’ve also got problems with Inverness golf course maker, Ben Cowan-Dewar.  He’s now developed 2 golf courses and stolen the view  of Inverness beach for ordinary people.  Here he is on his Cabot Links golf course.   invern-ben

Of course there is a special golf package just for you — $4340 (Can) for 13 days of golf around Nova Scotia including several days at this sumptuous course in Cape Breton.

On my current vacation in Inverness, I spotted the new condo-like “cottages” for golfers; plus a local cat who’s not too thrilled with the development either.  The smaller photos show the old miner’s houses.  Some owners are letting the early 20th c. historic houses fall into ruin until developers offer to buy the tumble-down buildings that face the ocean.

Ben Cowan-Dewar’s also one of the backers of a new airport for Inverness — which up to now the Liberal government has refused to pay for.  As one pundit has said,

“If this airport is such a great economic opportunity, benifitting both golf courses and the surrounding region, why aren’t the promoters offering to pick up even a nickel of the cost? The question answers itself.”  Bruce Evans, formerly of Cape Breton.  He  read the business case for a Cabot Links Airport (July 2019 published in MacDonald Notebook here.)

Here is the little kitchen sign with homilies. I especially like the “No texting during meals” bit.  Larry and I at duelling computers in the dining room of our rented cottage, and below it,  Max and Cassie at duelling computer in the living room.

cheti-restauIn Cheticamp we had dinner at a new restaurant, L’abri, overlooking the ocean.  On the right side is a good friend, biologist Gretchen Noyes-Hull, who operates  GAMS  — Gulf Aquarium & Marine Station Co-operative in Grand Etang.

Just returned from a stint in Baddeck.  We went to the Alexander Graham Bell museum (part of Parks Canada) and the displays look about as worn out as the indoor-outdoor carpeting throughout the museum.  You can’t see it easily but here is a list of extra charges for going to films, talks, and kids activities — on top of paying admission.  The mansion is Beinn Bhreagh, the wonderful original home of the Bells from the 1890s… I have actually toured it, years ago.  It has all kinds of plundered artifacts from around the world, plus a (real) stuffed bear, and a zebra rug since one of Bell’s sons-in-laws, Gilbert Grosvenor, was a founder of National Geographic and so actually came by the art and artifacts in his travels in the first decades of the  20th century.


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