What to read, what to watch…

I’m falling behind on both, reading and watching.  But I recommend the dystopian short story collection by Cory Doctorow called Radicalized.  My favourite is about an immigrant woman who works as a bookkeeper in New York City.  She organises “the poors”  in her 50 storey apartment building to effectively strike.  This is because all the appliances only work if the renter buys high end soap for the dishwasher or the washing machine — or bread from a certain multinational corporation.  Otherwise no appliance works.  This is a humorous yet somehow prescient group of stories. doctorow.jpg

I watched the 6 part series The Bodyguard — a British thriller — on Netflix.  It started out quite well and it both moved fast and was (in a policier way) political and OK.  A cabinet minister moves to the right (is that new), a cop who did years in Afghanistan becomes her personal bodyguard, and London’s never looked greyer or colder.  Good enough.  Unfortunately by the last episode it managed to be anti-Muslim, and yet also  pro-feminist. So I’m not sure what to make of that.  Sure makes you stay awake: bodyguard

This book by a 30 year old Black British woman, Reni Eddo-Lodge– is brilliant. Absolutely. It’s a must read if you really want to know about white privilege, pretence and racial prejudice in the UK today. She discusses why it took 20 years for the  murder of Stephen Lawrence, a, 18- yr old  black man killed while standing at a bus stop in south London to get “solved.”  Of course if you read the book you’ll see it was never solved and the reasons why not.  What really changed as a result of two men (out of 5 attackers) being sent to jail? race

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