3 blocks in Montreal

I’m in Montreal for a Face-to-Face Conference of Independent Jewish Voices -Canada.  Today it was sunny for the later half of the day, so I took a walk near our apartment, which is on Guy near Sherbrooke.  I walked south, and the sun made the shabby black snowbanks run like crazy.

This lovely sculpture is called Emily Carr et Ses Amis — it’s by the Regina artist Joe Fafard.      Fafard, whose famous sculptures of politicians (such as Trudeau here and Diefenbaker here) and many others, tend to be whimsical and even humorous.  Unfortunately, Fafard died at age 74 earlier in March.  I’ll miss him.  This large sculpture created in 2005 in bronze commemorates the famous painter, Emily Carr (1871-1945).  The female artist who was not counted amongst the Group of Seven– she was never considered for membership.  The sculpture includes her dog, Billie, and her monkey Woo.  I don’t know her horse’s name, but the old photos on the left seemed to give inspiration to Fafard.  On another site I found this photo of the sculpture dwarfed by snow.  I saw this sculpture on the corner of Sherbrooke and St Marc St.

Older buildings, on the left are some walk up apartments.  Then there are the row houses along de Maisonneuve.  I saw this old brick apartment building for sale. Along the 2000 block of Sherbrooke are blocks of stately wonderful apartments, with these blue awnings and tents at each of 5 entrances.  Delightful.mtl-on-topThis photo above right is a lovely old brick building on de Maisonneuve which I think used to be a church.  But the architects built these concrete boxes on top to “expand” the premises.  Doesn’t look great.  Too incongruous.

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Two graphics from this week’s issue of The People’s Voice…  the Canadian Communist Party’s bi-weekly newspaper.  I read it while having the weakest and most tepid coffee in Montreal (it turns out) the Presse-Cafe.  And here’s a cartoon.mtl-cartoon

This editorial was welcome: mtl-jewsAbout how criticism of Israel isn’t anti-Semitic.   Finally, below three types of tea I bought since we can’t get them in Halifax, and a sign for “sugaring-off” at the local grocery store.’Tis the season.

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