Thunder Bay Confidential…

The motto of the Prince Arthur Waterfront hotel TB-hotelis:

“The only thing we overlook is the waterfront”

But they seem to have forgotten this was overlooked: TB-D-ratingYessiree and we just had breakfast in the Portside Restaurant in the hotel.  A “D” rating — impossible you say — The notes on the right side are also revealing.  Apparently one big problem is kitchen staff not washing their hands after using their cell phones!

Turns out I have nothing to worry about! Since Aug. 17 they’ve had two short months to clean up the place! If they have 2 months of “B” ratings their “D” rating could be upgraded to either a “B” or an “A” …  So we are at the end of the two months, maybe they’ve pulled up their sox.  As long as they didn’t cut up and cook them.  Throughout the Thunder Bay the Board of Health grades every food establishment.  Most have the “A” rating and have the sign prominently displayed (as it must be) in the front window.  In our hotel’s case the posting I saw was in the back entry way as you walk to the parking lot! And again it is posted on the way into the Restaurant — on a glass door propped open that no one notices!

True the view from our bedroom window is splendid — the Can. flag is everywhere here, more on that later. …I took these photos from our window — daytime on the left and sunrise today on the right… Lake Superior.  In the background is the “Sleeping Giant” is a great huge rock formation.  Looks like the profile of a — well an aboriginal person — lying on his or her back….Big tourist draw.  As is the train (picture on right) — which goes right through town — no passenger service, just the wheat cars and the Alberta oil cars roll thru  day and night.

If you want to catch a passenger train, you need to catch it  at Sioux Lookout! Population 5,037.

siouxphoto from the Sioux Lookout site! 

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