Thunder Bay, Ontario.

You could do a lot worse than watching these four minutes… on what it’s like to be white and what it’s like to be indigenous in Thunder Bay, Ont.   Here it is:

Click here for TVO

I’m in Thunder Bay, Ont. for a few days. TB=policeTop left, police tape on the McIntyre River which runs right through the Ft William side of town — scene of many deaths of indigenous people over the last decade — especially  students from the reserves who come here to go to high school. The police think the deaths could be random kids falling in when they’re drunk — but foul play? are the police seriously looking into it? Top right: continental breakfast  at the Prince Arthur Hotel where we stay..TB-tray Liberty Tax services have a 4 foot red tax cushion in their window downtown.  And the sign below on the right, I have no idea what it means.

The two modern doors of a law office on the main street — Sign reads:  Agents of Good.TB-lawThere is Kakabeka Falls, 28 km out of Thunder Bay.  Today there was a rainbow! TB-rainbowAnd a photo of Max, Cassie and Larry at the falls, 3kakabeka-falls


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