We were at the International Cooperative Association Conference in Pula, Croatia. It’s very lovely, right on the ocean and the city is 3000 years old, I posted scenes from the Arena… here is the scene from our hotel window Imagethe Adriatic is in the background. Swimming was wonderful. Also another scene — my favourite as it’s larry sitting in the  snazzy forecourt of the hotel in Pula surrounded by olive trees. Last time I saw him surrounded by olive trees was in a West Bank village and the Israelis had just destroyed another Palestinian’s house…ImageImageThis is a lovely coat rack in one of the hotel conference rooms. Lovely art eh! ImageView from the window of the Q-400 plane which took us from Pula to Zagreb and here to Vienna! This is a Bombardier plane — so given I pay taxes, and Bombardier receives all kinds of bons bond from the government…  I suppose I’m an owner …You can see the propellers in this photo…

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