For those who still don’t want to say anything bad about Israel…

In less than a week from March 10-16, 2023 nine Palestinians’ lives were taken by Israeli soldiers or police. More than 85 Palestinians, including more than a dozen children, were killed by Israeli armed authorities in the first 75 days of 2023. 

So, my Jewish friends and any friends of Israel: 

Let’s not hide behind the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust to deny our responsibility for the Jewish state’s murder of Palestinians today. 

Let’s not hide behind our desire to  remain quietly within the ranks of the Jewish community and not make waves.

credit: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Let’s not hide behind the many Israelis who are protesting their corrupt government — but refuse to protest the brutal military occupation of Palestinian lands and their people. 

Let’s not hide challenging Israel because Passover is coming and we still want to gather together for our frictionless seders.

Let’s not hide behind the idea that it’s too much trouble to side with Palestinians because we Diaspora Jews should not criticize Israel. 

Let’s not hide our lack of courage behind the meaningless slogan that Israel will sort itself out. 

Let’s not hide behind the false dream we once accepted without question. The dream was that Israel was a democracy, a land without people for a people without land, or that Jewish settlers made the desert bloom.

Peace activists in Independent Jewish Voices Canada and World Beyond War gather at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto to protest Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, May 21, 2021. © / screenshot

Let’s not hide behind the fact that more than a decade ago the centrist Canadian Jewish Congress was destroyed and replaced by staunchly pro-Israel, right wing, unelected CIJA (Centre for Israel Jewish Affairs). 

Let’s not hide behind the fact that Jewish day schools promote sectarianism, and unquestioning allegiance to Israel. 

Remembered: Rachel Corrie

March 16 marked the 20th year since Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli bulldozer. Corrie was trying to stop the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) from demolishing the home of a local pharmacist in Gaza. Corrie, was a 23-year-old US peace activist. Standing on a mound of dirt, the bulldozer driver headed straight for her, knocked her down and killed her. So much for Israel having the “most moral army in the world.” Israel refused to investigate her murder despite mild pressure by the US. Around the world, people celebrated her life. A play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, was co-written by journalist Katherine Viner and playwright/director Alan Rickman, and first staged in April 2005 at the Royal Court TheatreLondon. The play won the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards for Best Director and Best New Play, as well as Best Solo Performance for actress Megan Dodds. The New York Theatre Workshop put off mounting the play for fear of blowback for its “political content”. I met Rachel Corrie’s parents who were guest speakers at Independent Jewish Voices Canada’s annual conference in Ottawa about 10 years ago. They are great people. To read more see this.

Featured photo at the top: A Palestinian child stands behind a shattered window inside a building damaged by Israeli air attacks. (credit: Said Khatib/AFP)


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