The Best of 2022– What to Read, What to Watch and What Podcast to listen to

It’s that time of the year when pundits opine on the best and worst in entertainment from 2022. These recommendations you won’t find on many other lists, I guarantee it. Certainly not on Maclean’s or The Globe and Mail’s.

In Another Ruined Dinner Party, I offer my top three choices and honourable mentions in the following categories:


Streamed movies

Streamed TV series

Short films

Magazine articles

Short Fiction


To find out where you can find each one with a short review and a link to where it is, click on the hyperlink. Have a happy holiday season.

Best in Books

Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid, by Alan Wieder

Harsh Times, by Mario Garcia Llosa

Year of the Runaways, by Sunjeev Sahota

Honourable mentions: 1. Cold Case North, by Michael Nest, Deanna Reder and Eric Bell

2. The Sound of Things Falling, by Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Best in Streamed Movies

We Monsters

The Wedding Guest


Honourable mention: The Imposter

Best in Streamed Series


The Newspaper

Pine Gap

Honourable mentions: 1. Undercover

                                      2. Ferry

                                       3. The Kingdom

Below: Left- Cameramen outside the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau, Ottawa 1923 (Eugene M Finn/NFB); profile of Alfred Hitchcock, director of “The Birds”; 100 Women Directors Hollywood Should be Hiring (photo illustration by Maya Robinson, Getty Images).

Best in Short Films

Life Sentence:  on APTN – 20 minutes

Samu;  on Omeleto, watch on Youtube – 8 minutes

Settler Violence in the South Hebron Hills, Israel’s Channel 12 (with English subtitles)- 15 minutes

Honourable mention:  Play Time on Kanopy – 15 minutes

Best Magazine Articles or Long-Reads

A Merry-go-round of buck passing”: Inside the 4-year Grenfell inquiry, a Guardian Long-Read

How an Ivy League School Turned Against a Student, in the New Yorker

How a Married Undercover Cop Having Sex with Activists Killed a Climate Movement, in Vice

Honourable mentions: 

1. How Quebec’s Human Rights Commission Drove Out Its First Black Female President, in The Walrus

2. No Place Like Home: My Bitter Return to Palestine, a Guardian Long-Read

Left: Woman Reading by Edouard Manet (1880-81); woman photographer (credit: Annie);

Best Short Fiction

Zombie, by Joyce Carol Oates in The New Yorker

So Late in the Day, by Claire Keegan in The New Yorker

In the Name of Bobby, by Julio Cortazar in The New Yorker

Honourable mention:  Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood in The New Yorker

Best Podcast Series

Pressure Cooker, CBC Podcasts

Ratfucker, Canadaland

The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting, The NightTime Podcast series

Honourable mention:   1. Obscene– The Dublin Scandal, BBC

                                        2. Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard,  Canadian True Crime, and here

Featured image: Cabbage Patch Dolls, the must-have Xmas gift from the 1980s.

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  1. Many thanks for this overview, Judy! I’ll see if I can look up a few of these.  (I thought I’d mention that the full name of the Peruvian author of Harsh Times is Mario Vargas Llosa.)  A freylekhn Chanukah to you and Larry. Carl


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