A month of murders…

In the first 15 days of October 2022, here is what the Palestinians’ death toll looks like in the West Bank. Rather than just numbers, I’ve listed the murdered men’s– and boys’– names and ages.The IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) killed the men and boys, and even a medical doctor.

Yes, there were uprisings; Palestinians who demonstrated against Israel’s iron grip, its brutal and illegal occupation of the West Bank, as well as East Jerusalem and Gaza. More than 600,000 Israeli settlers live in 250 settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They are living on land stolen from the Palestinians.

Oct. 12 saw strikes across the West Bank notably in refugee camps. In Shuafat Refugee Camp near Jerusalem, shops closed, and there were protests because the IDF had blocked the camp’s entrances and exits. That meant more than 100,000 people couldn’t get to school, to work, to medical appointments or leave the camp at all.

Israel: the 8th most powerful country in the world

History did not begin yesterday, or in the month of October. More than 20 Palestinian civilians were killed in September alone. So far, just ten months into 2022, 44 Palestinians including minors have been killed in the West Bank. The IDF is targeting Palestinians’ upper bodies, which explains the shots to the head and the abdomen, listed below. Just last weekend 4 teenaged boys (I’ve listed them) were shot dead by the IDF in two days. The boys were unarmed and posed no threat to what US News and World Report magazine calls “the 8th most powerful country” in the world.

From Jan. 1 to Oct. 1, 2022, 150 Palestinians have been killed by the IDF. 49 were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 100 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 150 deaths in nine months are the highest number since 2015.

If you ask what the Palestinians did to deserve to die, would you have asked the same question of the South African Blacks during Apartheid?

Some of you could ask, “What did they do wrong?” Would you have asked that about South African Blacks who stood up to the Apartheid regime? I doubt it. When Palestinians stand up — it makes them terrorists, according to Israel, and to Canada –its chief boot-licker? No it is Israel that is the terrorist state; it is Israel that is the Apartheid state.

Israeli Murder Chart, by Judy Haiven

DateNameIncident, cause of deathOthers injured
Oct 1*Fayez Khaled Damdum, age 17Driving his scooter, fired on by IDF with live ammo. He was passing through the town of Eizariya, near East Jerusalem, not in a protest1 seriously injured
Oct 3*Bassel Qassem Basbous age 19
*Khaled Fadi Anbar age 21
In a car going to work at 3.30 am, in the Jalazone Refugee Camp shot by IDF many live rounds. IDF refused to allow Palestinian medics to attend, near village near Ramallah, West Bank1 injured; IDF abducted 16 Palestinians during invasion of village
Oct 5*Alaa Nasser Ahmed Zaghal, age 21Shot by bullet to the head in pre-Yom Kippur attack and raid by IDF. Army bulldozers stormed Deir Al-Hatab village near Nablus5 wounded incl. 2 journalists
Oct 7*Mahdi Ladadweh, age 17
*Adel Ibrahim Daud, age 14
Shot in chest with live ammo. ID opened fire at al-Mazra’a al Gharbieh, a village north of Ramallah.
Shot in head in Qalaiya, IDF fired live shots by separation barrier.
1 injured
50 injured with live or rubber coated bullets and tear gas
Oct 8*Mahmoud Moayyad Sous age 17
*Ahmad Mohammad Hussein Daraghma age 24
Live ammo. hit him in neck, Israeli raid in Jenin Refugee Camp and in Jenin City, armed military vehicles.
Hussein Daraghma received gunshot wounds to the head. Both were killed by the IDF in Jenin City.
11 seriously injured. An Isr. jeep rammed Anwar Abu As-siba and his daughter Eman while standing in front of their home in the Jenin Refugee Camp. IDF used military helicopters during the invasion of the city and the camp.
Oct 10Mahmoud Muhammad Khalil Samoudi, age 12Died as a result of severe wounds to his colon, kidneys and bladder when he was shot in the abdomen with live bullets on Sept. 28
in an Israeli raid of Jenin
Oct 12no murdersIn Beit Ummar, a town n. of Hebron City. Solidarity action because the IDF invaded Sh’fat Refugee Camp nr. Jerusalem2 injured, one is 17 yrs, the other 24 yrs. old by live fire, and rubber bullets
Oct 13*Osama Mahmoud Adawi, age 18At Al-Aroub Refugee Camp near Hebron. Adawi was killed by live bullets to the stomach and Osama’s heart stopped3 injured by live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets.
*Dr Abdullah Abu-Al-Teen, age 43
*Mohammad Ghawandra, age 17
*Mateen Dabaya, age 25
*Quais Emad Shojaya, age 23
Dr Abullah was giving first aid to the injured. Israeli sharpshooter shot him in the head, and shot Dabaya in the head . This took place in Jenin.IDF shot at ambulance
Oct 15*Mujahed Ahmad Daoud, age 31town of Qarawet Bani Hassan, IDF shot himplus 3 were wounded
Israeli soldiers killed these Palestinian men and boys in the first two weeks of October, 2022.

From top left clockwise: Ahmad Mohammad Hussein Daraghna, 24; Mahmoud Muhammad Khalil Samoudi, 12; mourners at the funeral of Bassel Qassem Basbous, 19; Israeli forces patrolling Shuafat Refugee Camp just last week; Mahmoud Moayyad Sous, 18.

Featured image: A drone on the lookout point on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem’s Old City, July 12, 2022. Photo credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90. According to +972 here, drones make killing look less bloody and more technically efficient. Israel uses drones to surveil Palestinian refugee camps, strike militants dead, and for employing biometric cameras to track civilians on the West Bank.

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