Vancouver: last chance

Clockwise: tulip festival, front yard in Sunrise area of Vancouver; pink blossoms on our street; rooftops from our kitchen window; photo of Larry and MP, a local activist; we three on the waterfront looking to the North Shore.

“I even got a letter from a young woman in British Columbia that began as follows: ‘Today I am eighteen. I am sitting at the window, looking out at the rain, and thinking how much I love you.'”

Isaac Asimov, famous science fiction writer in the US. Born 1920, died 1992.

Clockwise: Friends at a Sushi restaurant; Karen, who works with Omri, came on the excellent labour history tour he arranged for us; the privatization of health care; participants on our labour history tour, downtown Vancouver.

Featured image above: Tanoo, Queen Charlotte Island, BC (1913), by Emily Carr. (credit: Royal BC Museum)

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