The general public doesn’t have to worry…

“We feel very unsafe.”

This is what Jatinder Kumardeep said about the murder of his friend 23-year-old Prabhjot Singh Katri in Truro on Sept. 6.

Singh, who was from Punjab, India had been living in Truro, NS since 2017, first as a student. After completing his studies – like many young people — he had to work at least two jobs to get by. His goal was to get permanent residency in Canada.

He worked at McDonald’s in Truro; he also drove a taxi. The jobs left him little time for an active social life.

Singh’s friends insisted he did not drink, or do drugs or hang out with a bad crowd. He was kind and generous. He lived in an apartment with his sister and her husband.

Contributed Photo of Singh

What happened that led to his murder? Who murdered Singh and why? The police, as usual, are tight-lipped. However, the deputy police chief did state, “The investigation is ongoing and there is no risk to the general public at this time.”

No risk to the general public? This can only mean there is no risk to the general public because:
the “general public” are not immigrants, not racialized, or don’t wear a turban.

In other words, Singh—who wore a turban — was a target for murder. Then the crime was a hate crime.

The police say they arrested a suspect, and then let him go. The trail will go cold all too quickly.

Featured image: Village Scene (Punjab) India by Harpreet Kaur Punn (credit: Saatchi Art, UK)


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