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IF the police had not stormed the encampment at the old library…

IF the police had not pepper sprayed protesters, pedestrians and a ten-year-old girl…

IF the police had never arrested 24 people some who were living in a public park and supporters …  

IF the police chief, HRM’s CEO and the mayor had apologized instead of gaslighting us all

IF even one HRM councillor had owned up to what they knew about the police “raids” on the homeless, and when they found out… 

IF even one member of HRM Council this week – other than Becky Kent – had admitted there were “unintended consequences” to the violence exhibited by police…

From Left: Photo credit: Toronto Star; credit: The Canadian Press; Thin Blue Line Badge; bottom two photos credit Kieran Delamont for Halifax Today.

IF HRM’s CEO, Jacques Dubé had not excused the shocking police violence with the facile statement,  “everybody’s heart was in the right place here”

IF Councillor Lindell Smith, chair of the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners,  had not insisted that the “…board can’t give operational direction and the board can’t tell the chief how to do things…”

IF not more than a handful of 16 HRM councillors had bothered to answer questions by the Chronicle Herald about police brutality

IF some police had not purposely removed their name tags

IF some police had not worn the offensive “thin blue line” badge

IF council had not screwed up so badly —

Does anyone think HRM Council would have opened their purse strings to spend $500,000 on hotel room stays and emergency shelters for the “unhoused”?  

I don’t think so.

Contrast the paltry $500,000 to nearly $100 million Council voted for this year’s police budget. 

Featured Image: Defacement by Jean-Michel Basquiat (American). Learn more about this 1983 painting here.

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  1. True! Police Brutality is common place when it comes to securing the empire and keeping the dictatorial narrative in force.


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