Why hasn’t the Prime Minister officially announced the federal election yet?

Just so you know, the federal Liberals respect Rankin’s Liberals.

It’s so nice to know that.

I know it because Prime Minister Trudeau probably won’t call his election till Rankin’s fate is more or less decided. Maybe Trudeau will call it Sunday or Monday, but maybe not till Tuesday.

Yes we know the feds have already leaked election day as Sept. 20.

From Toronto Star, Sept. 15, 1926: Tory Arthur Meighen was defeated by the Liberals under Mackenzie King.
In 1913 Meighen was in the Cabinet of Robert Borden.
In 2020, he was Conservative leader. In the 1921 election he lost to Mackenzie King. In a by-election in 1922 he re-entered Parliament. He then became PM in 1925. But in 1926, the Tories lost to Mackenzie King.

But the e-day won’t be formally known till our NS Election is put to bed.

You see, it might be too confusing to Nova Scotians to have two elections at once to juggle, all those signs would be a bit of a blur — different names, but same party colours. So Trudeau gave Rankin a break and told him – it’s okay, we won’t make the big announcement till your big e-day is over.  Or maybe we’ll sneak it in early on Tuesday, or even Monday evening. That’s my best guess.

This is the way Trudeau can repay the Liberals in NS who swept 10 out of 11 ridings in the 2019 federal election.  Trudeau is also paying us back for the Liberals’ hoovering up all 11 federal seats in 2015.

Featured Image: Past, Present and Future of the Anishinaabe People(2013) by Christian Chapman.

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