Watch this series– don’t read the book.

Cracker:  This series is 20 years old, but is just as political and intriguing as when I first watched it — I think in the UK when I was a student there.  Brilliant.  An alcoholic, arrogant psychologist, Fitz, helps solve murders for the Manchester police.  Just watched the 3rd series, which I think is the best. It’s at the Library on dvd.  There are no dead bodies, hardly any blood, lots of scenes in pubs, and the seedy cop-shop in Manchester. The sexual politics are wry and witty.  And ultimately deflating.


On the other hand don’t run out to read n A Noise Downstairs.  It’s author Linwood Barclay used to work as a reporter for the Toronto Star till he got the bug to  write murder mysteries.  I’ve read several — all have sub-par dialogue, repetitive expressions, rather boring characters, and reckless scary bits.  Start read this book half way thru.  It saves you time and trouble.  And the villains come out of their coffins (so to speak) in the last half.noise

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