The Saltwire Fix

Word is that three journalists who work for Canadian Press in Halifax will be permanently laid off at the end of March.  Why? Some have nearly 20 years seniority. news3

When we look at the daily paper in Halifax, the Chronicle Herald, we see that much of the international and national news content comes through the Canadian Press newsfeed service. But that contract has been cancelled by SaltWire Network, the newspaper giant which now controls 35 daily and weekly papers (including the Chronicle Herald) in Atlantic Canada. news1

In 2017.  SaltWire bought Transcontinental’s 28 “brands”, 4 printing plants and commercial printing operations in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Plus SaltWire bought distribution operations in the Atlantic region.  650 jobs (in the region) suddenly slipped away — whether through layoff or payoff.  The only province almost unscathed by SaltWire is New Brunswick where Irving-owned newspapers proliferate.  

Five days ago, SaltWire announced it is selling off 10 buildings or plants which formerly housed  newspapers including the Cape Breton Post in Sydney NS, and the Guardian in Charlottetown.  Tough times for SaltWire or a cash grab? Or both?news2


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