Halifax is Number 22 — out of the 26 best cities to be a woman in Canada!

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has just released its report on the top 26 cities to be a woman in Canada.  Drum roll is rather muted since Halifax ranks 22 out of 26.  That’s not great.  The report is very interesting, especially if you skip ahead to  pages 16-19.

What’s great is the shout-out to Equity Watch, an organization I helped to found last year.  No union, no social service agency, no other campaign was highlighted — just Equity Watch and here’s what the report says:

“Opposing harassment in the workplace:

Equity Watch formed in early 2018 after firefighter Liane Tessier finally received an
apology from the Halifax Fire Service for years of harassment, bullying and discrimination. Equity Watch is working to promote workplaces that are free of bullying, harassment and discrimination by advocating for better governmental regulation of employment equity; encouraging the hiring, development and promotion of women, visible minorities, the disabled, and Indigenous peoples; monitoring bodies like the Human Rights Commission, whose job it is to uphold equity; and assisting individuals who have been bullied, harassed or discriminated against at work.”

The Best and Worst
Places to be a Woman
in Canada 2019
The Gender Gap in Canada’s 26 Biggest Cities

by Katherine Scott

To find out more about Equity Watch look for us on FACEBOOK



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