The Bear Clan, Thunder Bay

TB-50centsAt The Common restaurant and bar on Cumberland St. every time someone buys a Sleeping Giant beer, 50 cents goes to the Bear Clan.  The Bear Clan had a training session at RIVAL, and now 15 – 20 people go out in cars every Friday and Saturday night to check on Indigenous people.  Since the revelations in Seven Fallen Feathers sevenAeveryone recognises there are people in Thunder Bay (usually white men) who do harm and even kill Indigenous people.  There are also many women go missing  in Thunder Bay due to the sex trafficking of women on ships through Lake Superior .

The Bear Clan even patrols the waterways  in their efforts to save Indigenous youths’ lives.  This flies in the face of the Thunder Bay Police Service which-– due to racism —  does not have any capacity in seriously stopping the deaths.  The police are actively hostile to the Bear Clan, as are other good burghers. bear-clan

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