Thunder Bay Confidential

When Toronto Star columnist Tanya Talaga arrived in Thunder Bay several years ago to interview Anishinaabe chief Alvin Fiddler fidler-gc-hon-law-degree-sept-23-2016--14-_thumb she had no idea her new book would detail the deaths of 7 Indigenous youth in about 10 years.  In Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City  sevenATalaga painstakingly investigates the deaths of the youth — and shows that they were no accidents. Her prize-winning book opens a look at white colonial violence in the the settler state called Canada.  She shows how the police, the (then) mayor, elected and also court officials routinely conducted racist attacks — whether violent and/or sexual against Indigenous young people.  Her book isn’t simply a wake up call, but a call to action.

I travelled here, on two planes —  2823 km — to visit my sons and daughter in law for a week.  I narrowly escaped the -33C temperatures, and hit a warm spell where today it’s only -16C, and snowing.daybreakTBDaybreak in Thunder Bay. james-st-bridgeAt the James St Bridge to nowhere, read on

dinnerJPGLa famille après le diner



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