My Letter: Are there two justice systems in this province?


Is it just my imagination or a usual practice that when someone who is criminally charged does not show up for court, the judge issues a bench warrant? Instead the provincial court judge merely set a new court date (Feb. 11), when Shawn Wade Hynes failed to show up for court. Just for the record, Hynes’ lawyer didn’t show up either.

Hynes of Pictou County is accused of shooting Nhlanhia  Dlamini in the back with a nail gun on a construction site.  The nail partially collapsed Dlamini’s lung and he required surgery and a 4-day hospital stay.  Hynes was charged with criminal negligence, but many argue he should also be charged with a hate crime, since Hynes is white and Dlamini is black.

Are there two justice systems in this province – just asking.


19 year old Nhlanhla Dlamini (right) with his brother at a demonstration in Halifax in the fall 2018.  (photo taken by Yvette D’Entremont from the Halifax Star-Metro)

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