Neither a kind word, nor a free coffee…FireDelorey&Knox

Not a kind word, not a cup of vending machine coffee, not even a hug. And don’t get us started on why the young woman was not privileged enough to see a doctor or a nurse.  This is what happened to a rape victim who walked into the Colchester East Hants Health Centre hospital in Truro last week.

Oh yes on her way out, staff gave the woman a few pamphlets on where to go for help. Really.

colchestColchester East Hants Health Centre in Truro. 

As journalist Jim Vibert in the Heraldwrites: “Health care professionals are human and make mistakes but turning the victim of a sexual assault out on the street, on her own, seems to be beyond an error in judgment. It hints at an unhealthy culture within the system Delorey oversees and Knox runs.”  delorey and knox

Randy Delorey: NS Min. of Health                Janet Knox; CEO of NS Health Authority


But Delorey and Knox still won’t own this problem. To that end there has been a Facebook event started called FireDelorey&Knox.  Maybe that will get someone’s attention.




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