Of Culture & Spies …

Slut: The play — looks fascinating. The theatre group insists the performances be free to all.  I’m going! 
When: Aug. 24-26, 2 & 7:30 p.m.
This is from The Coast:  It’s a tragic (and tragically predictable) tale LunaSea Theatre is sharing in an attempt to open minds and start conversations: When 16-year-old Joey heads out for a night of drinking and dancing, her friend Jane discovers Joey locked in the bathroom, covered in her own vomit—and clutching her underwear. Joey retreats from the world, skipping school and staying silent on social media, as the hallways become thick with gossip.
A post-show talk will tackle the topics of slut shaming and sexualized violence.
Sir James Dunn Theatre, Rebecca Cohn Theatre at Dalhousie University  in Halifax. 

Run don’t walk to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax to see this wonderful exhibit of Inuit art from northern Labrador — here is the coffee table  book sent me by a good friend, after I raved  about  the exhibit. Here are two of my  favourite pieces, see below innuaresid-school This sculpture of Serpentite and bone is by

Davidee Ningeok of northern Labrador.  It’s called Residential School Nightmare, and you can see the child is holding out his hands to be hit by the teacher, the book lies opened.  mittensThese sealskin mitts are dyed a wonderful and playful red, by artist Maria Merkuratsuk. The title is “My Father’s Pattern” (2015).  kgbThis book  Shattered Illusions by Canadian CSIS agent Don Mahar is worth reading.  It details the lives of  two double agents in 1950s cold war  Canada — the most interesting is a clever KGB agent who not so cleverly tells his lover he’s a Russian agent.  The other is a  dull and plodding RCMP officer who lives a lavish life beyond his means — and has to steal money to cover his debts.  The book is not well written, and it’s rather repetitive — even old fashioned in style — but it’s serves as a valuable insight into the spy world here at home.sameskyThe Same Sky  is a 6 part series on Netflix. It’s brilliant and it’s fast-paced.  It’s about a “Romeo” East German agent in 1974 operating in West Germany. Delicate, nuanced and well acted– and political. american-subAmerican Subversive by David Goodwillie is brilliant.  It reads like a thriller and a love story gone wrong at the same time.  Here is a nice little youtube tantalizer about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSSWg2ITzc4

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