Finally — an employer does jail time for not paying his workers!

I’m sure most of you readers know someone who has been “stiffed” by the a boss who did not pay wages owed.  It happens all the time.

Here in Nova Scotia, employees (usually they become  ex-employees) can go to the Dept of Labour’s Labour Standards branch which tries  to recover their lost wages.  

Drum roll please!

Here for the first time I know of, an employer was sentenced to 30 days in jail.  The employer, Luai Namo, is the owner of a numbered company, 674841 Ontario Inc., which  runs 5 convenience stores attached to Shell gas stations in Scarborough, Ontario.   14 store clerks were not paid a total of $46,537.  Twelve out of the fourteen earned minimum wage.  In Ontario, minimum wage is $11.40 an hour.  

In addition to paying  $46,537, Namo also had to pay $84,000 in fines — $6,000 for each of 14 counts.  

To read more see the excellent blog Niagara-at-Large:


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