Rabbi’s views on anti-semitism & mine

Read Canadian Rabbi Dov Marmur’s appalling column in the Toronto Star here, https://www.thestar.com/opinion/commentary/2017/08/14/anti-semitism-the-disease-that-refuses-to-be-cured-marmur.html

charlottesvilleWhite nationalist demonstrators clash with counterdemonstrators in Charlottesville, Va. on Sat.  Aug. 12. Photo by Stee Helber/AP in the Guardian. 

My letter to the Editor of the Star in Response...

I too am a Jew; I too grew up in the shadow of WWII with family reminders of the devastation of Europe’s Jewish communities. However, in this day and age, at a time in which Canadian blacks in my city of Halifax are three times more likely than whites to be stopped by police while driving; where African Nova Scotians are over represented in the child welfare cases and in jails, where black children are suspended from school in record numbers, where racial profiling in shops and services means African Nova Scotians are routinely disparaged, denied service or subject to police harassment and surveillance — why is it all about the Jews?

Why is it all about the Jews, when Muslim Canadians face record levels of discrimination in housing, at work, in their communities, when Muslim Canadians are called terrorists, stopped at airports, and are gunned down at while at prayer in a Quebec City mosque. Why is it about all about the Jews when people of colour in this country face life and death situations when they are singled out by police and by right wing groups.

Last time I checked, Jews in Canada are under no such threats. Sure there are anti-semitic comments, and swastikas occasionally painted on fences or toppled gravestones– and that should be condemned. But overall, Jews in Canada are over-represented in professions in the arts, sciences, medicine, law and among university faculty members. We Jews are more entitled than any other ethnic group I can think of. As such we should be uniting with Blacks, Muslims and others to fight the right– not complaining that we too suffer.



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