Reading, this summer

9781771122832_cover1_rb_relatedcoversMy chapter about the Rape Chant  at Saint Mary’s University and rape culture at many Canadian universities is in this edited non fiction book.  Available in late August 2017.

A cross between a thriller and  speculative fiction– yet it also captures the politics of Britain today..#11A great read by Jonathan Coe.

Here are are some older favourites and new books too:

Just listening to A_Brief_History_of_Seven_Killings,_Coveron my drive home from Cheticamp. Worth hearing, shocking and useful — about race, about the CIA, about politics in Jamaica.

One of my favourites, I was going to name this blog after. I still rivermight.   The title is a quote from a poem by Mao Tse-Tung. And the book is a novel about the relationship between a young man, who is a left wing activist, and his mother a factory worker. Worth reading.

Brilliant novel, but I’m worried about which side it’s really on. A novel about a double agent during the Viet Nam war, The Sympathizer by a first generation Vietnamese writer in the US, symp


Racism’s always hot as they say.  This book was startling in its excellent research and links to the  white woman whose original complaint about till led to his lynching.

Interested in sex? Read these brilliant short stories. By a female psychiatrist sex










Don’t read this — unless you like white cowboys and corny jokes, that never end sisters

And I very much recommend this new Canadian novel, about a ‘terrorist’ in the immigrant family– it takes place in Mississauga, Ontario… belief

What does “another ruined dinner party mean”?  Well have a look at this

dinnerpartyIt’s the huge opus by American Judy Chicago, an installation and sculpture called The Dinner Party (1979). It focuses on women’s role in white western ‘civilization’….  We all know what dinner parties are supposed to be — controversial, cantankerous and real are not part of the plan.  To listen to Judy Chicago talk about her work, watch this (two minutes):

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